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Reviews of Tandem

A real rollercoaster 

Once I started this, I found it hard to put it down or stop thinking about it. It's a great read both for its wry, often Scottish, humour and, on a deeper level, its exploration of several complex issues surrounding grief and gender. Well done Alex Morgan! Your book has a flavour of early Kate Atkinson (before the detective novels) and of Marina Lewycka – two of my favourite authors. I am looking forward to a few more novels from you: Marina L. didn't get published until after she was 60, so you've loads of time! 5 stars

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It's not about the bike! It's a lot more than that

I read Tandem in just two days. Loved it right from the scene in the first chapter with the drunk

hairdressers in the service station. The bit about the capybaras and the penguin at the zoo made me laugh out loud, and some of the stuff with Sanders had me on the edge of tears. You don't need to know or care about cycling to like this book! 5 stars

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A great read!

Tandem explores the age-old themes of love and loss in a very readable, engaging and entertaining way. It reveals its secrets gradually and allows us to share the grief, desperation and, finally, hope of the main protagonist in a way that draws the reader in. There is also a funny bit about a penguin. I look forward to more from this author. 4 stars

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Alex Morgan and celebrity penguins at the launch o Square